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Tailored Cosmetic

Solutions For You

Your Idea, Our Solution

Tailored Development & Manufacturing


You have an idea for a new product or would like to revamp an existing one? Together we conceptualize the desired outcome.

Our R&D is up to date regarding the latest study results of ingredients and raw materials, thus developing modern and effecitve formulas.


We provide all relevant tests and assessments to assure that your products can safely find their way onto the shelves.


In our state of the art facility we manufacture your products with care and diligence.

Our high level of flexibility means there are almost no limits in terms of container types and sizes.

Quality Control

All final products are undergoing a thorough quality control in our in-house laboratory.

Road to Success

Step by step from idea to Realization

1. Contact us

Feel free to get in touch via your preferred channel to schedule a meeting on-site, to see our facility and discuss your project. With strive to get back to you within 24h. Of course we are just as comfortable to discuss your project online.

2. Briefing

During our meeting you can present to us your idea and vision of your project and explain what is important to you (vegan, specific raw materials, packaging, etc.). We will answer your questions and guide you with our expertise to agree on a mutual path.

3. Proposal

After the briefing our specialists will work out a proposal with a detail overview of the cost involved.

4. Development

We develop a tailored formulation based on the outcome of the briefing. Of course you will receive samples for testing and approval. We would also be happy to discuss the samples with you on-site.

5. Regulatory

Once we have your approval, the product will go into the stability testing (~3 months). In the meantime we prepare all documentation for the safety assessment to fulfill the regulatory requirements.

6. Production

Once the product has passed all regulatory hurdles, we can start the production. You will receive a new order confirmation and we will plan the production slot according to the availability of all raw materials. We will create the bulk, fill and label the packaging.

6. Quality Control

A final quality check in our laboratory will be performed once the production is completed.

Striving for the best

Our Certified Quality

At Microstech we pride ourselves in the high quality level throughout the value chain to guarantee the success of our customers in the market.

Our processes are documented, transparent and ISO 9001:2015 as well as GMP certified. By trusting us with the development and manufacturing of your branded products, you can rely on a safe and stable environment.



Food Supplements

Animal Care


We offer a wide variety of microbiology and molecular biology analyses in the area of cometics, household care, environment, hygiene and veterinary medicine.

  • Cosmetics microbiology (conservation stability testing)
  • Cosmetics chemical / physical (stability testing, pH-testing, aging testing)
  • Molecular biology (identification of funghi, bacteria, mould, algea)
  • Toxicity
  • Hygiene monitoring

Bespoke Diagnostics

We offer a wide variety of microbiology and molecular biology analyses in the area of cometics, household care, environment, hygiene and veterinary medicine.


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Contact us to discuss your project and book a visit at our production and labratory site.

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