Cosmetics microbiologyMethodPrice exkl. VAT
Conservation stability testingISO 11930 on request
Conservation stability testingPh. Eur. 5.1.3on request
Conservation stability testingSchülke FeuTuKo
Schülke KoKo
CHF 750.00
Purity testingUSP 61/62CHF 750.00
Purity testingISO 17516CHF 450.00
Purity testingBAMCHF 450.00
Expiration date extension checkCHF 100.00
Cosmetics chemical/physicalMethodPrice exkl. VAT
SchaukeltestCHF 360.00
Stress testing / temperature stabilityCHF 360.00
Stability testing / centrifugation testingCHF 360.00
pH-testingCHF 750.00
Isolation / Identification
Molecular Biology
MethodPrice exkl. VAT
Pathogenic Screening: Legionella; enterococci; coliforms; pseudomonadsPCRCHF 120.00
schimmelCHECK (mould testing KIT)ITS SequenzierungCHF 300.00
Fungi identificationITS SequenzierungCHF 150.00
Bacteria identification16S rRNACHF 150.00
Algea ientifikation23S rRNACHF 150.00
ToxicityMethodPrice exkl. VAT
Biological degradability incl. CO2 determinationOECD 302 B
OECD 301 B
on request
Hygiene monitoringMethodPrice exkl. VAT
Surface inspection (per plate)ContactCHF 20.00
Surface inspection (per swab)SwabCHF 20.00
Air germ count: aerobic, mesophilic germsAgar plateCHF 20.00
Air germ count: mouldsAgar plateCHF 35.00
Air sampler (rent per day)CHF 100.00
Incubation and evaluation of sent samplesContact, smear, air germ count analysisCHF 150.00